Author Guidelines

This Author Guideline is intended as a guide for autor in making manuscripts and sending them to the editor, as well as a reference for editors and reviewers in evaluating manuscripts. Academics, researchers, and practitioners who care about economic law issues who intend to send their manuscripts to Tadayun: Jurnal Hukum Ekonomi Syariah are expected to be able to guide this Author Guideline and Journal Template.

Submission of Article

  1. The manuscript submitted must be original and have never been published nor is it submitted another journal for consederation during the process in Tadayun journal;
  2. Manuscript not containing elements of plagiarism or fabrication of data. All forms of plagiarism are not responsibility of the publisher in Tadayun: Jurnal Hukum Ekonomi Syariah;
  3. Following the author guidelines and template;
  4. The Title of the Manuscript is should be an interesting and must be straightforward, a maximum of 12 words;
  5. The Manuscript must be written using good and correct using Bahasa or English Language with correct grammar;
  6. The Manuscript is accompanied by the name of the author (without academic degrees), affiliation, and the first author’s email with Gentium Basic font style size 11pt;
  7. The Manuscript must be accompanied by abstracts in Bahasa and English languages;
  8. The Manuscript accompanied by keywords in Bahasa and English consists of minimum 3 words and maksimum 5 words;
  9. The article is presented in several sections including: [A] Pendahuluan/ Introduction, [B] Hasil dan Pembahasan/ Results and Analysis, [C] Kesimpulan/ Conclusion, [D] Referensi/ References
  10. Authors who want to submit the articles are must to go through the OJS Tadayun: Jurnal Hukum Ekonomi Syariah at and the first step is register as an author. After that, the author can submit the manuscript.

Preparation of the Article

The Manuscript submitted to the Tadayun: Jurnal Hukum Ekonomi Syariah in the format of MS. Word (.doc/.docx or .rtf) as a softcopy with the following conditions:

  1. The Manuscript must be written using Bahasa or English Language with correct grammar;
  2. A4 paper size (210 x 297 mm): upper, lower and left margin of 3,5 cm, and right margin 3 cm;
  3. Generally, each paragraph is written using Gentium Basic type letters 12 pt. Line spacing 1,5 lines, 0 pt before and after spacing;
  4. Title of Manuscript written using Gentium Basic type letter 14 pt, bold, and using capital with 1 spacing line distance and the type of leveling centered.
  5. Each paragraph also uses a 1.27 cm indentation in the first line. The type of leveling (justify) used is flattened left-right;
  6. To improve the quality, paper are required to reach a minimum criterion of 5000 words and a maximum of 10,000 words or between 20 to 25 pages;
  7. The Manuscript must be accompanied by abstracts in Bahasa and English languages, between 100-200 words, and keywords between 3-5 words each languages. Abstracts written using Gentium Basic type letters 11 pts. Line spacing 1 lines (The English version of the abstract is written in italics);
  8. The Introduction (Pendahuluan) section contains the background reserach, research context, research questions, research objectives, research benefits and research method. The entire introduction section is presented in an integrated manner in the form of an essay;
  9. The Results and Analysis (Hasil dan Pembahasan) section contains an explanation of the literature review and results of the analysis related to the research question. Any research results can be discussed. The discussion contains the meaning of the results and comparisons with theories and/or similar research results;\
  10. The Conclusion (Kesimpulan) section contains research conclusions in the form of answers to questions or in the form of the essence of the results of the discussion. Conclusions are presented in a concise;
  11. The manuscript writing, figures and tables are presented together with text in the content section, accompanied by serial numbers and names of figures and tables as well as sources. The serial numbers and names of figures and tables are written at the top, while the sources of figures and tables are written at the bottom of the table. Please do not have a frame (frame). This will make it easier for the editor to make edits and write formatting later;
  12. All references use footnote not bodynote. Footnotes using the Chicago manual of style 17th edition (full note), while in the bibliography/ references are written following the APA 7th Edition (American Psychological Association). Required for authors to use reference applications such as Mendeley, EndNote, Zotero, or others;
  13. References must contain references from primary sources that are 50% published in the last 10 (ten) years. That article that has been published in the Tadayun is recommended to be used as a reference;